Catamount Pond "Permanent" Orienteering Course

Visit Bear Brook State Park in Allenstown, NH. At the swimming area there is a "permanent" (controls will be in place from May 1st to November 1st each year) Orienteering Course. In the southwest corner of the parking lot of the swimming area across from the tollbooth is a trailhead that describes the courses, gives instructions, and holds black and white maps. The permanent course allows individuals to try orienteering at their own convenience. Also, the ready made course can be visited by school groups, Scouts, or anyone wanting to run an orienteering meet. Instructions for the course are as follows and a color map can be downloaded below.

Catamount Pond Orienteering Course

Bear Brook State Park, Allenstown, NH


Give it a Try!

  1. Using the map (download below), navigate to the locations indicated by the numbered circles.
  2. At the location, you will find a 4"x4" red and white marker mounted to a nearby tree or post. This is called a "control".
  3. The number on the control will correspond to the number beside the circle on the map. Also on the control will be a letter code. Recording the code would prove the control had been found.
  4. You can visit the controls in any order you wish. Some controls are harder to find than others. The difficulty of each control location has been described as easiest, medium and more difficult.
  5. The controls will be in place from May 1st to November 1st.
  6. If a control is missing or damaged, please call Mark Thomas at 485-9539.

Tips for Successful Orienteering:

  1. Orienteering is a great family activity. But, if you go by yourself, tell someone where you are going or leave a note on the inside windshield of your car.
  2. "Orient" the map every time you look at it. That is, turn the map so that the north arrow points toward magnetic north as shown by your compass.
  3. Have a plan in mind for which features to follow to get to the control, such as a road, trail or stream.
  4. Hold the map in your hand with your thumb firmly planted on your current location. Fold it up to make this easier. When you next look at the map, it will be easier to "locate" yourself.
  5. The controls are small, only four inches square, and flat, so you may have to look carefully to see some of them. In general, if you are at the feature described in the "Control Descriptions" and you turn around in a circle, you'll be able to spot it.
  6. Keep in mind that all maps are drawn by people, not divine powers, so the mapper's decisions on what to show and how to show it might not be the same as what your decisions would have been. Do not be surprised if you come across new features which are not shown on the map. Remember, everything that's on the map is out there, but everything that's out there may not be on the map.

Are YOU Ready? You will need:

  1. The map (download below) has the control locations marked on it and the control descriptions (clues to the final location of the control).
  2. A compass (especially for the difficult controls)
  3. A whistle, and shoes that may get dirty or wet.
  4. A sense of ADVENTURE! Have FUN!!!

Click HERE to download the Catamount Pond orienteering map